Even nurses can be fashionable! Nurse Clothes Footnail Nurse Shoes Natural Makeup Let’s Make a Difference With Rental Nurse Clothes!

For nurses who place importance on work patterns, cleanliness, and looks, it is difficult to fashion such as prominent hair colors (hair color), nails, accessories, etc.

Even with such nurses, there are many people who are inconspicuous and dressed in hiding (although there are differences in the rules for each hospital).

What kind of fashion do you all have?

In this article, I would like to organize the hidden fashion methods of nurses, such as nurse clothes, face makeup (makeup), nurse shoes, nurse goods, etc.

She is a very busy nurse every day, but let’s do hidden fashion and work fun!

Types of nurse clothing

Nurse clothing is available in the following “one piece type” and “scrub type”.

You can also dress up with your favorite color and your favorite design, such as matching the cardigan to the dress and the inner to the scrub.


It is a so-called “nurse” style that everyone has always imaged.

White coat is basic, but pink and blue are also cute.

It is also fashionable to match a cardigan with a cute color and design to one piece.


It is a rather new nurse style that emphasizes functionality.

Because you can wear it with a haori, it is very easy to wear.

Stylish colors, molds, and designs are also coming out.

In addition, it is fashionable to match the color inner of the long sleeve to the scrub.

I feel that there are many medical dramas that are often aired recently.

What do you do with facial makeup?

Nurses have become an era of with corona, basically masking, so what you see mostly is the eyes and eyelashes and eyebrows.

I want to make eye makeup fashionable to the extent that it is inconspicuous.

Eyebrows are also basic, natural makeup is better.

The eyelash extension (Matsuek) is also better to the extent that it does not become too flashy.

For accessories such as earrings, earrings, necklaces, etc., there seem to be a hospital and medical facilities that are allowed, but it seems that there are basically many prohibited, so let’s match the rules of the workplace.

Let’s dress up at your feet!

For nurses who walk around all day, shoes must first be functional and easy to walk.

However, you will want to wear cute shoes as well as functionality.

There are various types of nurse shoes, sandal type, pumps type, sneaker type, slip-on type, 2way type.

There are many colors available, so you can choose your favorite shoes.

Recently, brand nurse shoes and sandals have also been made.

In addition, nurses often can not do nails in their hands, and many people are focusing on foot nails (pedicures).

I think that such hidden fashion is also important because it increases motivation and relieves stress.

Nurses have a hard time working every day, so I think it’s good to have such secret fun.

Let’s dress up with accessories!

Nurses use a variety of accessories for their work, such as penlights, stethoscopes, and scissors.

They are often prepared by hospitals and medical facilities, but there are also places where the use of private goods is also allowed.

Even in such accessories, there are many nurses who value cute things.

For patients, if the nurse has cute accessories, the tension will be relieved and it will feel smiley.

Nurse clothing rental options

These days, there seems to be a company that offers a service that allows you to rent fashionable and hygienic nurse clothes at a low cost.

For busy nurses, such a rental service that can be cleaned regularly and changed in design is very appreciated.

In the coming With Corona era, such nurse clothing rental services may become increasingly in demand.


Nurses who are busy every day are difficult to dress because of the nature of their work,

I think it’s great to have a hidden fashion to increase motivation and relieve stress.

Be aware of the rules of the hospitals and medical facilities you work in, dress up and become attractive nurses!

I will do my best too!!