【Remote Island Nurse】How to work as a nurse in remote islands and sightseeing spots, employment and job change

[Sandy beach of Kouri Island, Okinawa Prefecture]

Rishiri island and Rebun island in northern Hokkaido, Ishigaki Island in Okinawa Prefecture, Yakushima Island, Haterjima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture There are many attractive remote island tourist destinations in Japan, such as Amami Oshima Island, The Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture, and Hachijojima island in Tokyo.

I think that there are many people who have thought how happy they would be if they could live while working on such a leisure spot, a remote island on the northern and southern islands.

In the current situation of with coronavirus, there are many people who gather at the company and work remotely instead of working, so there may be people in various occupations who are actually thinking about working on remote islands or already working.

The job of a nurse is a job that cannot be done remotely, so you have to actually go to a hospital or medical facility and work in the field.
In this way, to work as a nurse on a remote island, you will need to go to a remote island or actually live on a remote island.
On remote islands, if people live there are mostly hospitals, medical facilities, and clinics, so that is, there are job offers for nurses.
There will also be hospitals and medical facilities where you can live and work.
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It’s great to live on a remote island you admire, but there are some disadvantages and things to be aware of when working as a nurse while actually living there.
In this article, I would like to write about the advantages, disadvantages, and precautions for nurses working on remote islands.
If you are thinking of finding employment on a remote island, I hope it will be helpful even a little.

Benefits of working as a nurse on a remote island

Happiness living in nature

Being able to work, live, and play in the great nature of a longing remote island is an even happier thing.
It may be easier to release stress than in the city center.
In addition, it seems that some people will not be able to leave once they live on a remote island. Values have the potential to change.

I can take care of my private life.

Basically, nurses on remote islands often have no night shifts, and saturdays and Sundays are holidays, so they can cherish their private time.
In addition, the remote island is a valuable place where you can realize the importance of spending time with your family and your own time, which you did not think much about in the city center.

Improved technical skills as a nurse

In order to respond to patients with various symptoms such as chronic and acute phases, our technical skills and comprehensive skills as nurses will improve.
In addition, even if you move to a hospital or medical facility in the city center, I think this experience will be valuable.

Get along with the people of remote islands

On remote islands, hospitals and other medical facilities are limited. In addition, nurses, like doctors, support people’s health and lives.
Therefore, if you work hard as a nurse, you will naturally have a relationship of trust with people on remote islands, and you will be able to get close.

Low rent and living expenses

On remote islands, rents and living expenses tend to be lower than in urban areas.
As a disadvantage, salaries (salaries) are cheap, but I think that what can be obtained more than that is large.
It is the job of a remote island nurse to get what money cannot get.

Disadvantages of working as a nurse on a remote island

Life is more inconvenient than in cities

There are many places where electricity, water, and gas are maintained, but there are not many supermarkets and convenience stores.
There are also few entertainment facilities. So, life is sober with nature, but if you can’t stand such a life, life on a remote island is not good in the first place.

Less salary as a nurse than in a city

Salaries are generally cheaper than in the city center, but the cost of living is cheaper.
Therefore, in the sense of saving money, it can be said that it is easier to save than the city center.

If you can’t communicate, it’s hard.

Because the community is small, if communication does not go well, it may be difficult for some people to live.
However, there are those who want to live as quietly as possible on remote islands.
As is the case in the city center, I think there is a need for a way of life in which you have a strong own life and go your own way.

I don’t have old friends or friends around me.

It is the same in foreign countries, but on remote islands, there are many cases where there are no old friends or friends.
You may feel lonely at first, but there are also new encounters.
In addition, by leaving the main island, you will be able to feel the thank you of old friends and friends.


Working on a remote island as a nurse is more inconvenient than working in an urban area, but there are many advantages of each other that you can acquire comprehensive skills as a nurse while cherishing your private time in nature. By living on a remote island for a long time, you can also develop the ability to live as a human being. If you are aiming to become a nurse on a remote island, I would like you to work with a strong belief.

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